Our African American hair salon is a specialized salon that focuses on providing unique hair care services to people of African descent. Come experience the difference!


Our Hair Services

Crochet Hairstyles

Our Crochet Hairstyles service is second-to-none and has been honed with many customers over many years. We only work with the best people, and we would love for you to be one of them!

Box Braids

Box braids are very much on-trend right now. Big, chunky, statement braids, they add real volume and personality to your hair and overall style. They are a fantastic choice for low maintenance but big impact.


When we first started doing locs, we did not realize how much of a success it would be. But hard work always prevails, and we can honestly say that no customer has ever been dissatisfied with our service.

Hair Coloring

Go for a full head of colour to brighten your locks. We´ll interweave creative shots of colour through your layers to give you a natural and colourful touch. Be it blonde, chocolate brown, caramel or softer, pastel tones, we´ll give your hair a makeover that will leave you looking – and feeling – pampered and pretty. Our technician will give you a full consultation about colour charts and a skin test 48 hours prior to your appointment.

Hair Cuts

Go for our women´s hair cut and style for a special occasion or just to receive some hard-earned TLC. We´ll trim your locks, making them look luscious and glossy, and style your hair the way it deserves. You´ll leave our salon looking – and feeling – fantastic!

Hair Treatments (Hot Oil, Keritan, Deep Conditioning)

A deep conditioning hair treatment is the one to go for to repair and restore dry or damaged hair. It is a kind of intense conditioning which the hairdresser applies and leaves on to be absorbed. The result is stronger, shinier, happier locks!


Haircuts (Styles Extra)

All kids 11 & under $6.00
Men’s Cut $6.00
Beard Trim$4.00
Shave $6.00
Graphics (per side) $6.00
Ladies Cut$9.00
Ends trim, relaxed hair only$6.00
Short $11.00
Below Shoulder$15.00

Hair Styling

Shampoo & Blowdry $11.00
Wash, Blowdry & Curling or Flat Iron Style$22.00
Wash & Roller Set $13.50
Wash & Rod/Spiral Set
Below Shoulder$40.00
Wash & Wrap $20.00
Wash, Wrap & Curling or Flat Iron Style$30.00
Curling or Flat Iron Style ONLY $20.00
Formal Updo Style$25.00 & up


Includes FREE Biomineral treatment with either roller set or flat iron

Virgin Relaxer
Short $35.00
Shoulder $50.00
Below Shoulder $60.00
Relaxer Touch Up
New growth of 1 1/2” or less
With roller set $35.00
With rod/spiral set  $45.00
With blow dry & curling or flat iron style $40.00
With wrap$25.00
No Style $25.00
Texturizer (all lengths) $25.00
Permanent Body Wave
Short $40.00
Shoulder  $45.00
Below Shoulder $55.00
Spiral Permanent Wave
Short $50.00
Shoulder $55.00
Below Shoulder$60.00

Specialty Services*

* Pricing depends on consultation with educator.

Includes complimentary wash and blow dry. Cut & Style extra.

Coll/Comb/Straw Twist  $45.00
2-strand Twist  $45.00
Locs, established  $50.00
Locs, Retightened  $40.00
Hair Additions (requires consultation*)
All clients provide own hair, needle, thread, cap/net & glue
Partial Sew-in (leave out) $60.00
Full Sew-in (closure) $80.00
Glue-in $40.00
Take down (includes wash and blow dry)  $25.00
Single strand fashion extensions (up to 10)  $6.00

Conditioning Specialties

Single Use Conditioner $1.00$1.00
Blonde & Grey Enhancing Shampoo $2.00$2.00
Step 3 Deep Conditioner $5.00$5.00
Mineral Biological Minerals & Oils (Imported from Italy) $5.00$5.00
M.A.P. (Moisture Aloe Protein) $5.00$5.00
Medaclear Treatment $5.00$5.00
Jalyd Repair Creme $10.00$10.00
5-Step BioComplex $15.00$15.00
Our exclusive Italian Restructuring Teatment with 11 natural oils remoisturizes hair in a 30 minute treatment. Recommended monthly.

Hair Color* (No Styling)

* Pricing depends on consultation with educator

Touch-up Permanent One-Color
New growth of 1 1/2" or less. $5 additional for more outgrowth
Short  $20.00$20.00
Shoulder  $25.00$25.00
Below Shoulder  $30.00$30.00
Virgin Permanent One-Color
Short  $40.00$40.00
Shoulder  $50.00$50.00
Below Shoulder  $60.00$60.00
Semi & Demi
Short  $20.00$20.00
Shoulder  $25.00$25.00
Below Shoulder  $30.00$30.00
Virgin Semi & Demi
Short  $25.00$25.00
Shoulder  $30.00$30.00
Below Shoulder  $35.00$35.00
Bleach Touch-up
New growth of 1 1/2" or less. $5 additional for more outgrowth
Short  $25.00$25.00
Shoulder  $30.00$30.00
Below Shoulder  $35.00$35.00
Virgin Bleach
Short  $35.00$35.00
Shoulder  $45.00$45.00
Below Shoulder  $55.00$55.00
Toner  $5.00 & up$5.00 & up
Full Highlights/Lowlights
10 - 20 foils. $5 additional for more outgrowth
Short  $35.00$35.00
Shoulder  $45.00$45.00
Below Shoulder  $55.00$55.00
Multi-colors added (per additional color)  $10.00$10.00
Partial Highlight/Lowlight
10 foils or less
Short  $30.00$30.00
Shoulder  $35.00$35.00
Below Shoulder  $40.00$40.00
Ombre/Balayage*  $35.00 & up$35.00 & up
Duragloss  $15.00$15.00
Glazing or Ultra-Glazing  $15.00$15.00

Why Stars Beauty Salon?

Stars Beauty Salon is the ultimate hub of style and fashion for people with naturally curly hair. We offer a wide range of services, from haircuts to weaves and wigs, that cater to every taste and preference.

What sets us apart is the experienced staff who specialize in the unique needs of African American hair. They know how to style it, cut it, and care for it like no one else. And the best part? They always keep up with the latest trends in hair styling, so you can be sure to leave the salon with a fresh and trendy new look. If you’re looking for a place to get your hair done, look no further than Stars Beauty Salon!